I’m an Italian geek living in Lecce, Southern Italy, and my name is Luca Greco (a.k.a. rpl / rply / ripley). At the present time I’m interested in "Javascript as a Real Programming Language", "Mozilla as a Platform"...

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Cloud Clipboard Extension (Mozilla Firefox Mobile/Desktop)

Cloud Clipboard is a simple addon for Firefox Mobile and Firefox Desktop that use a Google Documents Spreadsheet as a shared Clipboard for all your Mozilla Browsers.

It's an hack but it uses only official Google API, so it should be mostly safe and long lasting ;-)

It's pretty young (I started coding it a couple of days ago) and needs some other fixes and clean up, but it already features a lot of useful actions and I'm starting to use it on my devices very often.

Download it from AMO

Firefox Mobile Use

  1. Open Site Actions:

    You have to open the site menu to reach the Cloud Clipboard Action

  2. Cloud Clipboard Actions Dialog:

    From this dialog you can reach all the available actions, select Manage Cloud Clipboard

  3. Cloud Clipboard First Run Config:

    First of all you need to complete addon configuration, selecting a Google Docs account from the available account from the browser login manager

  4. Cloud Clipboard Manage Page:

    Now it can load and show your Cloud Clipboard items

  5. Cloud Clipboard Suggestions:

    When you are editing an item without any local suggestions, you can asks to get suggestions from Cloud Clipboard

  6. Cloud Clipboard Options:

    You can change configuration preference (username and max chars per item) from the addon options

Firefox Desktop Use

  1. Open Cloud Clipboard Spreadsheet:

    As a real fun and useful side effect of this "Google Spreadsheet as backend" hack, you can access your cloud clipboard from Google Docs (from any pc)

  2. Cloud Clipboard Preferences Window:

    On Firefox Desktop there isn't the "autodiscovering first run config" as in the mobile version, so you have to manually insert the correct username into the preference window

  3. Cloud Clipboard Popup:

    Clicking on the Cloud Clipboard toolbar button will open Cloud Clipboard Items in a popup, click on an item to copy it's value into the local clipboard

  4. Cloud Clipboard Copy and Paste Actions:

    On Firefox Desktop you can use context menu actions and Copy/paste to/from your Cloud Clipboard