I’m an Italian geek living in Lecce, Southern Italy, and my name is Luca Greco (a.k.a. rpl / rply / ripley). At the present time I’m interested in "Javascript as a Real Programming Language", "Mozilla as a Platform"...

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The opinions expressed here are totally personal. Sometimes I may disagree with myself :-P.


My name is Luca Greco (a.k.a. rpl / rply / ripley) and I'm an Italian geek living in Lecce, Southern Italy.

My preferred activities are computer programming, *nix system administration and a long list of other strange and geeky ones and I'm interested in esoteric and dynamic programming languages, GNU/Linux and FLOSS projects in general, interactive development environment (as in "Lisp Machine" or "Smalltalk Environment" and not as in Visual Studio) and agile development pratices.

I've long been active in the local FLOSS community from 1999 and I'm co-founder of the local GLUG (SaLUG!) and of the first totally FLOSS-oriented "worker cooperative company" (Alca Società Cooperativa) in my area.

My first computer was a C64 and I came into world of computer programming because I have to fix syntax errors in BASIC videogames from historical C64 magazines ;-)

Now I'm working in Alca Società Cooperativa as educator in FLOSS-oriented learning activities and consultant is GNU/Linux system administration and Ruby/Javascript software development.

At the present time I'm very interested in "Javascript as a Real Programming Language" and  "Mozilla as a Platform" topics and I'm one of the members of the newborn XULit.org board.